Why So Many Luxury Purses Have Gold Hardware

Why So Many Luxury Purses Have Gold HardwareDesigners use many items to stylize their purses, and these are typically referred to as hardware. Hardware enhances the design of the purse in subtle ways that boosts the status of the bearer as well as bringing out the personality of the design of the purse. Of course, the hardware is also functional by being made into handles and zippers. Have you ever wondered why gold hardware is common among luxury purses?

Purse Decoration

Gold hardware has been making a comeback on purses the last few years. It feels and looks glamorous, and it imbues a subtle sense of status upon the bearer. Also, it can provide a lovely warm tone to the design of the purse as well as giving a well-made finish to the look.

Another benefit to gold is that it does not tarnish the way other precious metals, like silver, donor peel like cheaply painted plastic commonly used as hardware on less expensive purses. However, gold is softer than other metals and can get scratched or dented more easily. If you want your purse to last, then take care with how you handle and clean it.

Benefits of Gold

Gold is considered to be a rare and precious metal and has been since historical times. Gold is seen as a wealth preserver during difficult financial times as its value has long been known to keep a solid track record. Due to both of these things, gold is considered a highly valued status symbol. Symbols of status have been used since ancient times to mark items of importance for religious ceremonies, important leaders, and people of wealth, which explains why luxury purse makers would want to incorporate gold into their creations.

Also, there are a couple different hues that can be achieved with gold, such as a yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, by adding other precious metals like copper or nickel. Designers are able to choose the perfect tone of gold for the purse, which makes gold highly desirable to them. Furthermore, gold is highly malleable and can be used for finer detail work, which makes it more alluring to make into gold hardware.

As you can see, there’s no surprise for why luxury purses have gold hardware. Designers are going for a look that speaks to rarity and wealth and status, which gold can provide very well while still being able to incorporate easily into their creations.