Sao Paulo – Fashion Capital Of South America

Sao Paulo - Fashion Capital Of South AmericaBrazil is one of the most beautiful countries the world has to offer. With its lush greenery and gorgeous beaches, it should be no surprise that Brazil is home to the fashion capital of South America. The Sao Paulo fashion industry has become one of the biggest, up-and-coming fashion capitals in the world. It’s home to some of the best designers who utilize bright colors and specialize in swimwear. With their fashion industry booming, Brazil is starting to see some real change in their socioeconomic issues as the industry brings in money from all around the world into their country.

The Up-and-Coming Brazilian Designers

It’s difficult to become a fashion capital without raising your own designers. One of the reasons Sao Paulo fashion is gaining so much traction is because they have amazing designers established in their city.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch began his journey into the fashion world in his teens, when he became a stylist. Since then, he’s become well known in the fashion industry for his “wonderfully eccentric” designs. His designs often focus on the exquisite beauty of his careful lace details.

Pedro Lourenco

Lourenco is the son of fashion moguls Reinaldo Lourenco and Gloria Coelho. Thus, it’s safe to say good fashion is in his blood. He was raised to know and understand the politics that control the fashion industry.

Ocimar Versolato

Versolato is the son of Italian parents. He released his first design in 1998. Currently, he designs lingerie and denim products. He owns his own fashion boutique in Paris, France.

Bruno Basso

Basso is best known for the Basso & Brooke line, which he designed with English designer Christopher Brooke. He met the designer after he moved to the UK from his birth city of Sao Paulo. The Basso & Brooke line is the most successful graphic print line in the world.

Where Sao Paulo Stacks Up

Sao Paulo fashion is breathing a new energy into the industry. More and more major designers are investing in storefront property in the city; for example, Gucci’s top-performing store worldwide is located in Sao Paulo.

The Sao Paulo fashion industry is on the rise. The city is the fashion capital of South America and with the fresh new designers on the rise; they will soon be one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. The industry has also done a lot to help its home country. The industry has also helped more people join the middle class, thus, improving the overall quality of life for the population. Sao Paulo fashion is a growing force in the fashion industry and it should not be ignored.