Chic And Sophisticated: Prada Handbags

Chic And Sophisticated Prada HandbagsIf you’re familiar with Prada handbags, you already know why they have the reputation they do. If you’re less familiar with Prada and want to know how they earned their reputation as one of the top fashion influences in the world.

The History of Prada

Prada was started in 1913 as a Milan-based luggage store. They sold trunks and handbags, like many sellers of the day. The owners were the Prada brothers, and their attention to detail and quality workmanship quickly earned them the business of patrons willing to spend more for it. By 1919 they were catering to the Italian monarchy as the official retailer to the crown, which only increased the desirability of their products.

To further establish their reputation, they started also focusing on style and ingenuity. The Prada Company has brought us both Saffiano leather and their own brand of nylon which is of exceptionally fine thread count compared to its contemporaries.

Prada has, over the decades, had a significant influence in the fashion industry, both with their designs and their materials. The entire process from design to manufacturing is done in-house and Prada has been a family company from its inception to today. This attention to detail and quality has allowed Prada to maintain its reputation as one of the most influential brands in fashion for over a century.

Most Iconic Products

Prada is credited with inventing Saffiano leather, which is a stamped leather that is specially treated to be more durable, water, scratch, and stain resistant, and easy to clean. Prada handbags, if properly maintained, will last for years, which is especially the case with their Saffiano lines. From smaller, fun purses like the Vernice Promenade Bag to their much larger Totes, bags made with Saffiano leather include the signature style of Prada, often including unique labels, clasps, and other hardware to complete the look of each type of bag.

Their Diano tote bag is a classic, fun bag that is available in an array of bright colors and includes contrasting topstitching. This bag is not only attractive; it is also highly versatile. Take it to fun daytime activities. Take it to a fancy dinner party. It fits in nearly everywhere and is easy to carry and use.

The Prada City Turn-Lock Twin Bag is their design in use in several product lines where the top of the purse is closed with double turn-locks. This is not only a visually striking detail, but it also adds more room inside the purse without compromising design or making it look bulky. Unlike the Saffiano line, the leather in the Twin Bag is smooth and soft, and has a creamy look to it.

If you’re looking for discount Prada handbags that have an elegant, fashion-forward styling, you won’t have to look far to find something for nearly every occasion. As an added bonus, with proper care it’s likely to last for years.