Are Cheap Luxury Bags Simply A Daydream?

Every woman who loves bags daydreams of someday owning the expensive Louis Vuitton or Gucci bags worn by celebrities and fashionistas around the globe. We cannot help ourselves but to stop and feel the soft, luxurious leather, smooth suede and dazzling crystal accents on the Christian Dior or Burberry bag we see on display. Most of us will turn the price tag over just to see, if by some miracle, the price reflects a similar number to what is currently sitting in our bank accounts and usually, we walk away defeated. Cheap Luxury Bags are not simply a daydream however. There are plenty of ways to get your favorite high fashion designer bag without breaking the bank.

How to Save on Luxury Bags

Listed below are tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your favorite designer accessories and get a cheap luxury bag. Using these money saving tips will ensure that you will never have to walk away from your favorite designers feeling unworthy of their elite product.

  • Try a pre-owned bag. Many times consignment shops and thrift stores will have designer brand purses. Make sure to check often as these items are typically bought within hours of hitting the shelf.
  • Outlet stores are a great resource for saving money on luxury labels. Often times the outlet stores, typically in malls, will have sales and coupons that you can layer onto the saving as well.
  • Check international ecommerce websites. Websites with shipping out of Europe pay lower importing and duties taxes which is then reflected in the final price of the bag.
  • Buy last season’s designs. Designers like Louis Vuitton are known for their timelessness and never go out of style. Buying a previous season bag will save money and it is likely that your friends will never know the difference.
  • If shopping in a department store, open up a credit card. Most of the time these cards come with gimmick sales that will give you a certain amount off for opening a card.

Knock Off Brands

Many women consider buying “fake” or “knock-off” bags that are produced to mimic the designer. A lot of times the average person won’t be able to discern the real thing from the forgery, but beware, these knock offs will not last as long as the real thing because they are made from cheap materials and mass produced. Cheap luxury bags can sometimes be hard to find, but the benefits of the craftsmanship will be worth the price.

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